Rabu, 22 Mei 2013

Conversation - PREPARING EXAM

Amung        : Hi, buddy! How’s life?
Anjar          : Pretty good, and you?
Amung        : So far so good. By the way, did you have a nice day at class?
Anjar          : It’s all right, thanks. What about you, did you have a nice day at class?
Amung        : Ah, not a hundred percent.
Anjar          : How come? I thought you’re studying the whole time.
Amung        : At first, I could not help sleeping. I tried and tried but I still couldn’t concentrate on my lesson.
Anjar          : Learning any lesson takes a lot of effort. But don’t give up. Why don’t we study together?
Amung        : Bravo! That might help.

Vocabulary :
Buddy                : friend, mate, chum (teman, sobat)
So far so good   : Sampai saat ini baik-baik saja.
What about you : Bagaimana denganmu?
How come         : Mengapa?
Could not help    : Tidak dapat mencegah/menahan
A lot of effort     : Usaha keras (banyak usaha) To Give up : Menyerah, putus asa

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