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Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris

Contoh soal Bahasa Inggris
Choose the best answer a, b, c, d, or e!

      1.       Mr. Gonzalez … to a bank once a month.
a.       go                                   d. gone
b.      goes                              e. going
c.       went
      2.       The students … books in a library
a.       reading                         d. read
b.      is reading                     e. reads
c.       were reading
      3.       Aldi : … your father work at the mining company?
       Aji   : No, he doesn’t
a.       Were                             d. do
b.      Is                                     e. are
c.       Does
      4.       Wahyu : Jason, you must not burn the rubbish. The smoke will make air pollution
       Jason   : Mr. Umar asked … to do it
a.       he                                   d. I
b.      me                                 e. her
c.       his
      5.       Uncle Jono : Arif, is this … hat?
       Arif             : Yes, Uncle. It is mine
a.       Their                              d. my
b.      Her                                 e. your
c.       his 
      6.       A:  Oh, … I don’t mean to hurt you
       B: It’s okay
a.       It’s a nuisance           d. I didn’t see you
b.      I am sorry                    e. forget it
c.       It’s nothing
      7.       Alan     : Ahmad, thank you for giving me a nice present
       Ahmad : …
a.       It’s okay                       d. I don’t know
b.      I am sorry                    e. you’re welcome
c.       Forget it
Questions 8 to 10 refer to the following text.
We have two seasons in Indonesia, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season is from October to March and it’s followed by the dry season which last from April to September. But it doesn’t mean that the rains for days without end. Sometimes, the sun shines for hours for days. The heavy downpours usually happen in December and January. Thunderstorms are frequent in the rainy season and so are floods.
The average rainfall for the whole country is about 102 cm or 40 inches. But, even in the middle the rainy season the temperature ranges between 18 degree Celsius to 31 degree Celsius. In the highlands it is cooler.
      8.       The rainy season in Indonesia usually ends in …
a.       April                               d. September
b.      October                       e. March
c.       June
      9.       What does the heavy downpour mean?
a.       Days with thunderstorms
b.      The rain falls interchangeably with the sunshine
c.       The flood in many cities in Indonesia
d.      A heavy fall of rain that often starts suddenly
e.      Thunderstorms
      10.   Thunderstorms are frequent in December.
       The synonym of the word “frequent” is …
a.       Seldom                         d. sometime
b.      Often                            e. every time
c.       Rarely
     11.   Today is Wednesday, tomorrow is …
a.       Monday                       d. Sunday
b.      Tuesday                       e. Saturday
c.       Thursday
     12.   I am eating a plate of rice and a … of chicken soup
a.       bowl                              d. bottle
b.      glass                              e. can
c.       cup
     13.   Andri is drinking a bottle of …
a.       soup                              d. water
b.      sugar                             e. rice
c.       bread
14.   Salim is a … student. He always gets good mark
a.       stupid                           d. lazy
b.      smart                            e. friendly
c.       beautiful
      15.   My brother is 185 cm. He is very …
a.       high                               d. height
b.      tall                                  e. weight
c.       long
       16.   Your brother is very … to old people
a.       polite                            d. important
b.      friendly                        e. patient
c.       impatient
       17.   How do you say 08;45 am?
a.       It is forty five to eight
b.      It is forty five eight
c.       It is a quarter past eight
d.      It is a quarter to eight
e.      It is a quarter to nine
      18.   How do you say “tanggal 21 Juni 1980” in English?
a.       Twenty one June nineteen eighty
b.      Twenty first Juni nineteen eighty
c.       The twenty first Juni nineteen eighty
d.      The twenty first June nineteen eighty
e.      The twenty one June ninetin eighty
       19.   He is a man without hair. He is called …

a.       curly                              d. wavy hair
b.      baldy man                   e. straight hair
c.       wrinkles

       20.    What profession is it?
a.       pediatric                      d. dentist
b.      carpenter                    e. nurse
c.       doctor
       21.    My job is repairing water pipe, what is my job?
a.       carpenter                    d. electrician
b.      welder                          e. plumber
c.       technician
       22.   I am from Brazil. I am a Brazilian. I speak in …
a.       Spanish                        d. Latin
b.      English                          e. French
c.       Portuguese
       23.   Plato is from Greece. He speaks in …
a.       Greeco                         d. Yunani
b.      Greek                           e. Italian
c.       Greecian
24 till 30 Choose that should be corrected A, B, C, or D!
      24.   The guests is served satisfactorily by the waiter
       A               B                     C                           D
      25.   When it rain, I usually go to work by car
         A           B            C                       D
      26.   Amir combs her hair everyday
       A         B         C             D
      27.   Andi has three pen
         A    B      C      D
      28.   Roni is eating a glass of fried rice
        A            B         C                    D
      29.   Udin is 183 cm. He is very high
        A           B        C                 D
      30.   I feed my cat three times a month
              A      B            C                       D

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